Land Contamination Specialist

Tyne and Wear

Our consultancy specialises in addressing land contamination and coal mining hazards, as well as other related risks tied to the regulatory aspects of planning such as geotechnical parameters. Our overarching goal revolves around facilitating your development's progression through the planning stages, while also navigating the pertinent conditions surrounding land contamination. Our wealth of experience spans the entirety of the country, and we are active throughout the Tyne and Wear locality. Proficiency in Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRA) and Coal Mining Intrusive Investigations, including techniques like borehole drilling, underscores our competence. Our work encompasses Phase 1 to 4 Reporting, encompassing desk-based inquiries, on-site ground investigations, as well as devising remediation strategies and verification reporting, encompassing both soil and gas/vapour remediation systems.
Rooted in practicality, our solutions stand out for their cost-effectiveness, and our speed in mobilizing to project sites sets us apart. Feel free to connect with us today for an estimate without commitments or simply for a casual, informative discussion. We extend our hand in providing advice and guidance without reservation, initially providing free, upfront guidance on the likely outcomes of the investigation and the process itself. 
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