Phase 3 - Remediation Stragey and Verification Plan

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Phase 3 Remediation Strategy and Verification Plan

This is the third stage of the investigatory process. It concerms the technical details involved in breaking down the source-pathway-receptor linkage. i.e. making sure that the contaminant positively identified in the Phase 2 ( the source) cannot pose any risk or harm to you, the surrounding environs or the underlying aquifer (the receptors). This is done by removal of the contaminant or by breaking the pathway (the route the contaminant may take between the source and yourself).

Some examples of pathways/linkages (not exhaustive) are:

  • Inhalation or contaminated materials i.e. dust
  • Ingestion of foodstuffs grown in contaminated medium (soils)
  • Skin contact with contaminated medium (soils)
  • Leaching of soluble contamination into groundwaters (ingestion)
  • Direct contact with contaminated medium with building footprint (gasses)
  • Waterpipes in direct contact with contaminated medium (ingestion)

This stage often involves either (or both) ground gas and oil remediation measures. Such measures could include: installation of ground gas protection measures (a ground gas membrane and ventilation measures within the proposed development), removal of contaminated soils and replacement with certified clean soils, or the encapsulating of contaminated soils beneath hard-surfacing/certified clean materials. This list of remedial measures is not exhaustive and we at Castledine Environmental always endeavour to suggest the most feasible, cost effective and timely method of remediation available to both us and you as a client.

Once the report has been produced, this is passed on to the relevant LPA (Local Planning Authority) and upon agreement with it, the remedial actions will be undertaken as your development progresses.

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