The Way We Work

Land Contamination Specialist

The Way We Work

Simple... We work for the benefit of the developer
We will only investigate as far as necessary before agreeing any required remediation strategy with the enforcing authorities. To hold down costs and move the project on, some of our work can be incorporated into the development phases, using our own workforce if appropriate.

Set the right target

We are of the opinion that the submission of inappropriate Phase 1 Desk Top studies and Phase 2 Intrusive Investigation survey reporting to the authorites for approval is commonplace. The result of an insufficient investigation is the development being disrupted as the rejected investigation is redone or expanded.  The results of an excessively cautious assessment is costly over remediation. In many cases, the developer is oblivious to the extent of unnecessary clean up or over engineering built into the solution. Unfortunately, it is our experience that the latter scenario prevails (particularly for small and medium sized developers), as it is the 'fail safe' outcome for the contaminated land advisor - at the expense of the developer!

Achieve the right result

Our clients can be sure that we know which options are available, which are the most appropiate solutions to the problem and which solutions offer the best value for money and long-term peace of mind.

Remediation is not the only way. By breaking the source-pathway-receptor chain, the risk is eliminated.

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