Phase 4 - Verification Report

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Phase 4 - Verification Report

This is the final stage of the process and involves showing the LPA that the Phase 3 Remedial Activities have been undertaken and completed. This is by removing the source or proving that the linkage/pathway between source and receptor has been effectively severed.

This is done via an inspection of any installed gas protection measures at the foundation stage of the development; or prior to occupation when any newly laid ground cover systems of encapsulation materials are inspected.

Throughout the process, the client is expected to keep a thorough record of any receipts, invoices, movement notes or removed/imported materials etc. This also forms part of the validation procedure.

When inspecting ground gas/vapour protection systems, we will attend site once the membrane has been laid down at the foundational stage. This should be installed according to the specifications within the previous Phase 3 Remediation Strategy report. The inspection involves checking joins, seals, corner details etc. We also offer helpful advice throughout this process.

Towards the end of the development, we may also need to attend site once again to inspect any encapsulation, removal or coverage systems installed. This involves taking photographs, proving the depth of coverage of certified clean materials, or in rarer cases, taking further samples of the installed materials.

A Phase 4 Verification Report will then be produced for you to submit to your LPA. This includes the technical details of the systems installed, visual evidence of the installation and the inclusion of retained invoices, transfer notes, invoice documents etc.

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