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Have you been asked for a Land Contamination Survey or Desktop Study but are not sure what is involved? Castledine Environmental are a well-established, nationwide and experienced company specialising in producing Land Contamination Reports, in order to support planning applications or to satisfy Planning Conditions. We work throughout the country and our reports are written to comply with Government Standards and Industry best practice.
When planning permission is sought on a brownfield site, it is likely that the planners will ask for a Phase 1 Desk Top Study. (Phase 1 Reports can be named a number of different ways, including: Phase 1 Desk Studies, Phase 1 Desktop Survey, Phase 1 Land Contamination Risk Assessment and Phase 1 Investigation, among other terms. Guidance on each of the four stages can be found here.) This will collate information from many sources to allow an Environmental Risk Assessment to be carried out to establish whether the land is likely to pose a significant risk to human health or the wider environment. Often this will result in the conclusion that harmful contamination is unlikely, and that no further action is required.
If the Phase 1 Study shows that there is a credible risk of potential contamination, then it will indicate the contaminant of concern likely to be present so that a Phase 2 Intrusive Investigation can be instigated. This involves laboratory analysis of collected samples to establish the exact levels of contaminants.

Why choose us?

We were specifically set up to assist individuals and small builders or developers overcome the technical and complex issues of land contamination investigations in a timely and cost-effective and efficient way.
We are not remediation contractors and therefore have no bias when developing site-specific remediation strategies. We fully understand the options open to us and will always represent your best interests by suggesting the most appropriate methods and, if possible, use your own workforce to integrate

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