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Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA): The United Kingdom has a long, historied legacy of coal mining, and as such, a legacy of difficult ground conditions and coal mining related hazards. Within planning, a Coal Mining Risk Assessment is a specialised, desktop investigation that evaluates potential risks associated with coal mining legacies in a specific area. It is a crucial process undertaken to ensure the safety, stability, and environmental sustainability of new developments or construction projects, located in areas historically affected by coal mining activities. This is generally requested for planning when in a Development High Risk Coal Mining Area.

Purpose of CMRA: The primary purpose of a CMRA is to identify and manage risks posed by former or ongoing coal mining activities, which can include issues such as mine shafts, mine entries, subsidence, and ground stability. The assessment helps inform planning decisions and supports responsible development in regions with a coal mining legacy. Should the CMRA find a low risk from coal-mining related hazards, the process ends there; however, should potential hazards be identified, then further investigation may be required. Feel free to call or contact us should you have any concerns or worries, or simply for guidance - which is happily and freely given.

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