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Land Contamination Specialist


We will offer free initial advice on the best way forward, giving you an idea of what the regulators are likely to expect.

We will review information during our Desk Top Study to produce a Preliminary Risk Assessment.

We will scope a realistic site investigation based on regulatory requirements. In addition to providing a competitively priced investigation, we will offer you the most cost-effective solution. We will advise on what further steps need to be taken – if any.

We do not ask you to remediate a site unless this is the only option. Remediation is expensive and we believe in taking a risk-based approach which is consistent with regulatory requirements, as part of this we consider sustainability. Where remediation is necessary we always seek to employ the most appropriate and suitable solutions to the specific problem that the site presents.

If necessary we will validate all remediation undertaken, although, if appropriate, then we will give you guidance on how you can validate the work yourselves to avoid the cost of specialist consultants such as ourselves.

All work undertaken will be in accordance with the prescribed national standards

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