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Have you found yourself facing a condition similar to the following, imposed on your development?

“No development approved by this permission shall be commenced until a scheme for the investigation of any potential land contamination on the site has been submitted in writing to and agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority which shall include details of how any contamination shall be dealt with. The approved scheme shall be implemented in accordance with the agreed details and any remediation works so approved shall be carried out prior to the site first being occupied. 

Reason: To ensure that risks from land contamination to the future users of the land and neighbouring land are minimized in accordance with your local council's policies."

If you're contending with a contaminated land condition like that above, we're here to offer specialised assistance. Our focus centres on aiding small to medium developers and private individuals across Worcestershire in effectively addressing and discharging planning-associated land contamination conditions. With extensive experience in Phase 1 Desktop Surveys/Investigations/Studies, our objective is to cease the investigative process at the earliest viable stage, if possible. Guided by a practical, client-oriented ethos, our approach harmonizes seamlessly with our competitive and fixed pricing. Feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation quote today. 

Not only do we carry out contamination related reporting and investigations, we also carry out geotechnical reporting and ground investigations, along with soakaway, WAC testing and ground gas monitoring. We're committed to offering free, no-obligation initial advice and friendly, straightforward support as your development journey unfolds. 

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