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Working throughout the entirety of Merseyside and addressing all phases of contaminated land assessments – including Phase 1 through 4 Reporting and Investigations – our commitment involves providing complimentary, upfront, and friendly advice and support whenever possible. Additional to this, we also carry out geotechnical-orientated desk-studies and field-works, allowing a good understanding of ground conditions on your site. Alongside this, we also offer other services associated with planning conditions, such as utility scans and surveys, ecological and tree / arboriculture surveys, Coal Mining Risk Assessments and Investigations and floor risk assessments. 

Our guiding principle revolves around prioritising the client and employing a pragmatic strategy in approaching matters of land contamination. Our services are cost-efficient, characterized by swift response times for inquiries and expedited report processing. Our availability is near constant, ensuring accessibility and swift-responses. Feel free to reach out today for an obligation-free quotation or simply to engage in a friendly conversation. Discover whether our expertise can be instrumental in addressing your concerns related to land contamination. 

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