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Our services are offered throughout Chesterfield, Erewash, South and North East Derbyshire, as well as Bolsover and Amber Valley. Our dedicated focus is to provide assistance tailored to your needs – our valued client – in addressing the land contamination requirements pertinent to your development plans. Proficient in navigating the complexities of the UK's coal mining legacy (including Coal Mining Risk Assessments - CMRAs - and intrusive Coal Mining Investigations utilising drilling rigs and borehole formation) alongside the Land Contamination Process, spanning Phases 1 through 4, our expertise transcends geographical boundaries. Not only this, but we also carry out geotechnical field-work and investigations, along with the associated interpretative reporting, allowing confidence in your build.

With a national presence, we offer the convenience of approachable and complimentary initial guidance, coupled with unwavering support throughout the entire journey. This commitment is deeply rooted in our 'client-first' philosophy, ensuring the efficient, cost-effective, and straightforward realization of your project objectives. Our competitive pricing strategy aligns harmoniously with this approach. Feel free to reach out to us without hesitation; we are here to provide comprehensive guidance at every step of the process. 
Additionally, our expertise extends to arboricultural, ground gas risk assessments,, percolation testing, flood risk assessments, SuDs (Sustainable Drainage Systems) solutions, ecology surveys, geotechnical and coal risk assessments and variety of other ground and contamination-specific investigations, and we also endeavour to provide cost-effective solutions to satisfy your current requirement.

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