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Castledine Environmental works across the entirety of Gloucestershire, encompassing key areas such as Tewkesbury, the Forest of Dean, Cheltenham, Stroud, and the Cotswolds and anywhere in between. As a dedicated consultancy specialising in land contamination investigations and solutions, we operate under a 'client-first' philosophy, consistently delivering timely and cost-effective solutions to meet your planning discharge requirements. We offer complimentary initial advice and no-obligation quotes. Feel free to call us today for an informative conversation or explore our website for more details. 

Navigating land contamination conditions can often be confusing due to an array of complex, in-house jargon and terminology that essentially encapsulates the same meaning. For instance, terms like Phase 1 desk surveys, studies, reporting, and investigations all point toward a similar process. At Castledine Environmental, our primary objective is to support you, the developer, in smoothly progressing through these conditions in a manner that is timely, cost-effective, and comprehensible. Our specialisation revolves around assisting small to medium developers and private individuals in fulfilling these requirements, being guided by a 'client-first' ethos. We provide approachable and complimentary initial advice, and our ongoing support ensures clarity, long-term peace of mind, and the successful completion of your project. Our pricing structure is both highly competitive and fixed, devoid of hidden extra fees. 
Building upon the above, we offer a wide range of additional geo-environmental services. This includes flood risk assessment (FRAs), ground gas risk assessments and monitoring, percolation testing alongside sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) and geotechnical and coal mining risk assessments (CMRA). All of which can be carried out whilst undertaking various site-specific ground and contamination assessments, being tailored to your site’s particular needs and intricacies. 

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