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Castledine Environmental are experienced in working in East Sussex and we operate from Brighton and Hove, Peace Haven and Saltdean in the south west to Hastings and Rye in the south east of the county all the way to Crowborough and Healthfield in the north and central areas of the county. As land contamination consultants, we investigate land proposed to be developed and provide a risk assessment on the land. We do this via desk-based investigations (Phase 1 Reporting), ground investigations where we assess the ground conditions and take environmental samples for laboratory analysis (Phase 2 Investigation); through to Phase 3 Remediation Strategies and Verification Plans, where we produce a plan to make the safe fit for its intended usage, and Phase 4 Verification Reporting.
We carry out verification reporting on both ground gas, ground vapour and soil-based remediation schemes, effectively demonstrating to the relevant Local Authority that the risks identified have been effectively and safely negated. Call us today for a no-obligation quote, or just a chat about land contamination related issues. We are always happy to have a chat and provide free guidance and advice.
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