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Castledine Environmental covers from Clifton, Bedminster, Southville to Easton, Cotham and Avonmouth, extending from the north to the south and east to west, including all thirty-five wards and the nearby regions. Our approach is rooted in a client-first and common-sense ethos that guides all our site investigations and reporting. We meticulously carry out the phased reporting process for contaminated land, progressing from Phase 1 desk studies to Phase 2 intrusive investigations, followed by Phase 3 remediation strategies and concluding with Phase 4 verification works. Not only this, but we offer additional services such as geotechnical investigations and reporting, WAC (waste acceptance classification) testing and soakaway (percolation) testing. We are also adept at carrying out both Coal Mining Risk Assesments (CMRA) and subsequent Coal Mining Intrusive Site Investigations. Alongside this, our field-work includes trial pit excavation, environmental sampling, ground gas and vapour monitoring alongside drilling works. 

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